Many parents find good use for a few counselling sessions with a child psychologist when their son or daughter has difficulties of some kind. Most of the time a talk and some pieces of advice result in a sense of affermation and certainty and the child finds that parents are patiently able to support in situations that the child find to difficult. The same things is applicable to teenage-families.

In general parents are capable of raising their children and support their development. However beeing a parent is perhaps more difficult now. The experiences you have accumulated as a child yourself – might not be adequate for your life today. Everybody desires to be good parents! Adoption or divorce calls for new elements in cooperation between mum and dad in order to avoid disagreements or conflict swelling up betweeen you.

Children are always individual and all children meets problems during growing-up. For instance trouble sleeping, problems in school or with friends – or more specific problems of all kinds. When children get to be young they usually do not want to learn from their parents faults. There is a risk that parents become doubtful as to deciding what is the most sensible thing to do – or if this perhaps is a more sinister sympton that requiers specialized help.

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