Who I am

Psykolog L.Frehr

Psykolog Litte Frehr

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  • Master of Science in Psychology from University of Copenhagen with 25 years of experience
  • Authorized psykologist – Specialist and clinical supervisor
  • Postgraduate education as a hypnotherapist

I have worked more than 20 years with complex family-problems and I have been employed at

  • Child- and youth psychiatry
  • County counseling clinics for families and specialized schools for children with severe handicaps
  • Daycare for babies and toddlers as well as residential institutions for children.

I have worked as external consultant for Family Social Services in

  • Tårnby Kommune
  • Albertslund kommune

For several years I have tought medical- and psychology-students at university level. I have large experience with psychiatric diseases and other forms of handicaps. I am able to talk to children – also about strange and difficult things and have vast routine in making psychological assesment. – Also of tiny children.

I practise parental counseling and guidance as dialogue where parents knowledge of their child is made conscious – more than trying to teach parents new and different things. Adoption and divorce frequently demands cooperation from parents in completely new forms – although both parents wants to do what is best for their child. However this might need a little support to reach agreement on how to achieve it.

Through my entire career I have focused on the particular problems families meet when they settle in Denmark as strangers – temporarely or permanent. Perhaps it is difficult to be parents in a foreign country. It might be just as difficult for your child. Problems might arise in school, lack of friendships, loneliness or just a sense of knowing that your child is not as happy as you want him or her to be.