Hypnosis is a method of treatment – not Tv-entertainment! Instead of playtherapy or ordinary sessions using hypnotherapy is also an option. The client is induced into a light trance and is able to leave it and return to full conscience at will. Hypnotic trance has advantages in working with inner strength and potentials. It is not true that people are unable to recall what happened while in a trance. It is also not possible to hynotize persons to do things they will not do.

Hypnotherapi is a way of working with the preconscience what is no longer on your mind. With assistance you fall into a trance where it is possible to work theraputically with for instance a problemfield or with memories that are difficult to retrieve in other ways. The most important factor is – while in a trance you can look for and hold on to peoples ressources and vitality in order ot obtain a higher rate of succes in future challenges. Hypnosis is also well used for strengthening the individual positive traits of a person. This gives you means for help and support in maintaning sound mind and positive thinking.

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