I can offer you

Psychological treatment and therapy always has to be adapted individually:

Parental guidance and counseling (Forældrerådgivning) – Also advice if your child has special needs or difficulties.
Including if your child is waiting for a psychiatric assesment (venteliste til børne-& ungdomspsykiatrisk udredning)

Playtherapy and sessions with children and youth – also for children with handicaps or lack of school achievements. (skoleproblemer)

Crisis-therapy, interventions and guidance in case of loss or traumatic experiences

Hypnotherapy (Hypnoseterapi) with children an adults

Attachment-therapy for infants an toddlers in relation to mum and dad – when mental problems or Post Partum-depression (fødselsdepressioner)

Psykological assemsents – I also clarify your positive parental abilities – what do you do well at home?